What to Expect

What To Bring .

  1. 3 Towels ($2 per session to rent)
  2. Water Bottle
  3. Extra pair of shorts/undergarments


Sweatiquette for all sauna use:

A maximum of 1 session per day is allowed.

Towel service available   $2 per sauna session.

To reduce the chance of toxins and water impurities being reabsorbed into your open pores, showering immediately after your session is not advised. Therefore, shower facilities are not provided and we recommend to wait at least 40 minutes before showering.

Which sauna best fits my needs?

Exclusive far infrared helps with: weight loss: detoxification, blood pressure reduction and relaxation.

Full spectrum infrared helps with: cell health/immunity, wound healing, skin rejuvenation, pain relief, improved circulation, weight loss, detoxification, blood pressure reduction, and relaxation.

Our large saunas fit up to three people. All of our saunas are private.